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I know this thread is old but the topic is far from it. And the answer all depends on what you mean by dating.

If you mean a plutonic FAB friend who is alt or a lesbian I would say so so, however if you want to go out with her romantically, this is a whole different ball game. Most people still have a social stigma about trans people, lesbian FAB’s tend to like other lesbian FAB’s or trans guys, the MTF’s usually do not meet the cut. However I did find the concept of a ‘chic with a dick’ goes a long way in the lesbian community if you really pass well and are gifted down there (usually HRT eliminates this option for you). But similar to guys it is more of a sex thing. As for strait FAB’s you mine as well go buy a lottery ticket.

Now if you mean by dating, a one night bang from a porn crazed guy, then your chances are fairly good. Guys love the whole porn concept of a MTF and if they are half way drunk and you can stoop low enough they will use you like a tampon, messy and a one time thing. Personally I find just about all the guys who have ever come on to me gross as they think I am some sort of a porn star. Strait guys, is difficult but every once in a while you will find a real nice socially awkward guy who tries to date a MTF, he will treat you real nice, but still he wont bring you home to meet the parents. Landing one of those rich hot hunks we all want you better be the one super hot arm candy, and be willing to put out on demand, but that is a sugar daddy dating and I assume a whole different question.

As for other MTF’s they are a crap shoot, most still have the guy porn thing going (see above), and just about all the rest are really looking for a mentor or friend. But a few will try to date you and make a go of it romantically, this is actually probably the best category to find someone, as lots in the community are looking and very lonely.

But wait how does it all this compare to cis dating. In reality as most FAB’s can attest to lots of guys still have the porn thing going. And my guess is still a 1 in 33 chance of finding a decent human who wants a romantic relationship with you, so keep shucking those clams one will have a pearl inside.


ps. My experiences are for the X generation and Millennial’s, who the heck knows what the genZ’ers will do.


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