Reply To: My experiences and thoughts about transitioning at 40


Thank you Rowena for taking the time to write me your very supportive words.  I was away for few days and am glad to have the time to write back.  Hearing your words makes me feel better and think about how hard I am on myself.  We cant control how we are born or what challenges we are presented at birth to deal with.  I can relate to you because not only am I transgender I am on a wait list to be tested for ASD and I hope that knowing if I am or not will bring peace of mind.  What you say about what others percieve as “normal” not being perfect does make me think.  Perhaps everyone has a different normal and that it does not align with our own does not mean its not valid.

I very much appreciate your sugestion of learning as much about HRT as I can.  For the past 6 months ive learned from others but I think its time that I start reading articles and using the resources of TGH to help me in my journey.  What I have been learning is that its a huge decision and has life changing impacts that I need to fully take into account.  This is helpful to know that there can be deceptive “trans friendly” sites and I hope that I can navigate what is out there carefully.

Very kind words Rowena.  Many thanks to you.

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