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Hi Carly,

As an exPat, I feel fortunate not to be exposed to the hatred that is being fomented against  transpeople like ourselves. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live there right now, especially if you are in an area where laws are being passed to make our existence a crime.

The freedom to be ourselves exists within the BoR under our Right to Privacy. No one else knows, or needs to know, who is using HRT for erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness or for any other medical condition because it is a matter between themselves and their doctors. This is further reinforced by the HIPAA legislation.

The freedom to choose what you wear can only be restricted by obscenity laws and when I am wearing a skirt, top and sandals I do not violate those laws any more than a cis-female does wearing the identical outfit bought from the same stores in the mall.

DeeAnn was spot on with her opening sentences. The vast majority of people are focused on their own issues and don’t even notice a 6’2″ woman in sunglasses wearing a dress strolling through the mall. The sales staff are just happy to make a sale and don’t care either.

Essentially it is the same furor that erupted about the “threat” of “gay marriage” that would “destroy” the nation. Today people accept gay families as being normal and unremarkable. The “threat” never happened because it was all just political posturing to turn out voters. The same applies to the current deluge of anti-trans legislation.

Unfortunately there are going to be serious consequences and some trans people will die as a result of this political agenda. (The same applies to the anti-abortion legislation.) There is only one solution and that is to vote out those who are pushing this nefarious agenda. In the meantime we need to support each other as best we can. Just by being normal in our every day lives we can be ambassadors for the trans community everywhere. Politeness and respect, even when faced with adversity, is the way to take the high road and be a positive role model for ourselves.

Kind regards, Rowena 👩‍🦳


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