Reply To: Budget IPL laser devices: any good?


Hi Rebecca,

I have a Lumilla that I bought on sale for about $150 and yes, it does work within the limitations that come with a small hand held device. It took a month before I saw the first results and it is still providing those results several months later albeit on a smaller number of hairs on my face.

My beard is almost entirely gray now so I need other methods and I tried shaving, waxing and needle epilation. The latter was by far the most painful with the least observable results given the relatively high cost of treatments.

Given a change in financial circumstances I changed my approach to one that is now working more effectively than anything else. I am at week 15 and I plucked fewer than two dozen hairs off my face this morning. The stubble is soft and mostly along the chin and jaw line but even there it is getting finer and softer.

In essence I combining epilation, laser and topical HRT and while I still have facial hair I have reduced it by 90% in just over 3 months. The end result is a substitution of beard hairs with those that more closely resemble vellus hair found on the faces of ciswomen.

My advice as far as IPL is concerned is do your research and carefully read the reviews of those who have purchased them. Cheap ones are a waste of money in my opinion. You need one that enables you to change the intensity setting and you need to be patient because it is small and takes time to cover the area you are trying to clear.

Good luck, Rowena 👩‍🦳

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