Reply To: I don’t care about ‘passing’ anymore!!!

Dana Munson

Lauren, I was going to post my own response here, but you pretty much said what I was going to say. I voted that “passing” is “somewhat important” to me, figuring that most people here take “passing” to mean “assumed by others to be a natural woman.” I mean, I would LOVE to always be taken by others as a natural woman. I have some pretty good anecdotal evidence that I often am. But in all honesty, I have to say I am sure I get “read” sometimes, or at least leave people uncertain. THOSE are the really important times. How do people react then? Around my home area (southern Calif.), there has been (to date) scarcely any reaction at all, beyond perhaps a slight sign of recognition and then . . .continuing to treat me as a woman. If people around you will readily accept you as a woman, even though they think you may not be one, you’re “passing” in every sense that really matters! IMHO.

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