Reply To: How do you manage your “other” side?


DeeAnn, thanks so much for you’re reply.  I’m just getting to this as I was gone over the holiday weekend.


I can tell by your comments that we can relate.  I never feel completely male or female; and it really is a barrier for me in my life.  The most it gets is like 80/20 one way or the other.  Like you, I really want to be female as much as possible.  I feel good inside when I’m feminine.  I feel depressive as a male; and that part sucks.  I really don’t mind being a male; but the depressive feeling I get from it is the worst.  I know I really need to find a therapist for this; but I just wish I could find a way to be happy when I’m a man.  Without a doubt, I’ve suffered many failures as a man; and it’s taken a toll on my life and happiness.  I really wish I would have accepted my feminine side at an earlier age.  That was my mistake..trying to be something I wasn’t for many many years.

Seems like therapy needs to be my next step.

Thanks again for the comments.

A. Marie

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