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It’s all hate-mongering from the political far right.  Speaking as an American, everyone of us..cis, trans, gay, or whatever, should be very worried about not only the legislation that’s being passed specifically targeting the trans community; but where the political power and money is coming from to back these legislations.  This is exactly how the Nazi’s came into power prior to WWII.  It’s subversive in the way it’s being used to shift focus from the real issues regarding the economy towards something that targets a very small minority of people.  It’s a selling point for political agendas.  But the true evil lurks in where the money comes from to back these agendas.  Hate mongering organizations and the religious far right (I won’t call them Christians, because Christians are taught tolerance and acceptance) funnel money towards these politicians and expect them to represent their views in the legislation.  That is where we need to change our laws.  Political donations are destroying this country.  It needs to stop.

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