Reply To: Being older as a transgender/cross dresser?


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I’ve done limited cross dressing for many years in the privacy of our own home and y wife and i were comfortable with that.  I lost her to pancreatic cancer at 68 after 50 years together, it took a while to re-orientate to a new, different life, but then the female side really started to take over me.  Now, at 75, I have quite a collection of clothes, too much if that’s possible, I’m out of closet space to keep it all, and shoes, my goodness, and spend the majority of my time as Jennifer.  I’m still working on getting the makeup thing down, the looser skin around the eyes and not so steady hands any more are a challenge for sure.  I’d guess my main thing right now is trying to control the facial stubble that can be felt already after just 3-4 hours.  The rest of my body is under control, smooth and hairless, it’s just the face (figures) that seems to be impossible to control.  I’ve even tried a laser thing which has had no effect, it seems some things we just have to deal with.   It’s never too late ladies, even at 75 I’ve met other mature cross dressers to get together with, and yes, even a few men.  It’s a great and fun journey, I love being Jennifer.  Do I wish I had gotten started earlier, definitely, but, times were quite different years ago, especially here in the deep south, and we all have to make a living and survive, so we continue to live in the shadows.  But now, being retired and alone, I can tell them all to screw off, I’m here now, and loving it.




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