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Dana Munson

I second what Dee says: a therapist experienced in gender issues can be very, very helpful in finding yourself (mirrors work, too, but not in the same way :-)).  I am your age – 69 (70 in July). Also waited “my whole life” to start transitioning. Now under medically supervised transition. So it’s not too late, not at all, for you to transition, too . . . IF . . .IF you finally determine that is what is right for you. Got to get your head straight on that score first, because this process (as wonderful as it feels to finally claim your womanhood) can have some challenges and is not something to back out of once you are halfway in. So . . . therapist!!  Who, by the way, may be able to help you work through your religious issues, too. Myself, I am a former believer, so did not have to deal with that. But I can tell you there are Christian denominations which are reasonably accepting; Methodists, I believe are one such. Unitarians are another (although their belief in a single God, not a Trinity, might be further than you care to go). Long story short: if you are sure your current congregation will reject you, look for another, more accepting congregation. They’re out there, even in Desantistan . . . ooops, sorry, I meant Florida. (Full disclosure: my brother lives in FL.)

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