Reply To: How do you manage your “other” side?


So for real, the only reasons I say I wish I would have started earlier is because it seems to me that had I come out say in my teens or twenties, my family would have been more accepting of the change as compared to coming out now in my 50s.  To come out now is going to be a real shock.  To come out back then would have been a shock also; but it would make more sense to come out early; plus they would have had all of these years to adjust.

The other reason would be because I could have started to shape my body earlier and hopefully had some real change by now.

So yes, you’re right about asking ourselves are we ready; it just seems it would have been more “convenient” per se to come out earlier.  I was in denial myself so it was impossible back then.  In a way, I suppose it would have been better for my benefit had I come out earlier than for theirs.   That other side of that is it’s probably been whispered behind my back all of these years anyway; so maybe either coming out now or then really has no difference to them accept for verification in the end.  Had I been honest with myself, it could have made a difference maybe.


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