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I think you n others have been lucky but I agree with the others. 1 we are being used as a political scapegoat so politicians have an evil to save society from n unite a voting base (no I don’t think they truly care about us or the issues they claim passion about.) 2. I learned years ago voters talk about philosophy n issues  but when they go in the voting booth they check their wallets..if better than last election the incumbent stays, if worse then time for change. most voters vote the wallet  not issues. 3. I agree everyone else has their own lives to worry about so if my skirt is short or long or boobs big or small just doesn’t make the radar for most folks cause they need to get the kids  make dinner clean the house  do laundry make sure the dog goes out  check if mom n dad are OK and etc etc. what we wear is far at the bottom of their is what pic is on the door for you to duck inside a stall  pee n wash hands n fix makeup. nobody goes home n tells the kids to shut up so they can discuss our bathroom choices  not even these new political Nazi.

hugs to all

missy jo

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