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[quote quote=138534]This current programme of coercion dressed up as help for anyone who doesn’t know what gender they are, and alarmingly with children too![/quote]

I am not sure that I follow what you are saying in the above statement.

No one is being coerced into adopting a gender that is not in alignment with their assigned sex at birth. Transgender people instinctively know that they in the wrong body from an early age. The majority of children are coerced into adopting the gender mannerisms of their assigned sex as a means of masking their true gender because the alternative was not accepted by society as a whole.

There is a generational shift towards greater acceptance and tolerance of individual differences that do not conform to the norms of society and thus the ability for transpeople to become themselves is transforming societal norms. This acceptance includes children being allowed to express their own gender identity at an early age since they are no longer being coerced into a box/bathroom where they do not belong.

The extremist reaction to this trend towards openness and acceptance of transpeople is driven by a political party that has an ever shrinking base to call upon. Their aging voter demographic is not being fully replaced by younger people joining so they need to manufacture an “existential crisis” or “threat” in order to get their members to the polls.

Those who pull the levers of power are well versed in how to manipulate the gullible and so you are correct when you refer to this agenda as being propaganda, Sophie. However the “coercion” comes in the form of the canards about transpeople that are used to dupe the voters of this political party. They are being coerced into hating their own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews because being born trans is not something that anyone can control.

As a child I was “coerced” into believing that being a “sissy” was a bad thing to be and it was used as a taunt to force me to behave in a masculine way against my own instincts. Now that I have accepted that I am indeed a “sissy” I am the happiest and most content I have ever been with myself because I am finally being true to who I am inside.

Kind regards, Rowena 👩‍🦳

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