Reply To: How do you manage your “other” side?


Thank you for a fascinating discussion point and thanks to everyone who has provided their own experiences for those of us who are non-binary/genderfluid.

I started HRT with the expectation of undergoing the full MTF transition when I had the opportunity to dress full time. While I love skirts and dresses the weather isn’t always amenable to those outfits. Which means I expanded my wardrobe to include leggings and slacks.

Eventually I came to appreciate that my male side was not going to disappear because yes, we are “Siamese twins” as far as my brain/body is concerned only we just share a single physical body. What I am wearing does not change who I am which is someone who sees things from both a male and female perspective.

If I were in your shoes I would find myself a therapist who will enable you to reach a peaceful coexistence with both of your personas. My own male persona now takes a backseat and allows Rowena to do the driving and she is a much better driver because she is less prone to “road rage”. 🙄 In the same vein she is less irritable and more accommodating than my male persona.

I mention this because you don’t have to be wearing a skirt in order to enable your feminine persona. If you enable her to be in charge of your life, even when wearing male clothes, she will help you to accept the part of yourself that will always be there because you were born trans. This is who we are, each unique in our own special way and fortunate enough to be able to actually walk in the shoes of the other gender.

Kind regards, Rowena 👩‍🦳

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