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Yes Carly, it is the difference between people in the real world and cynical politicians exploiting what they perceive is an opportunity for votes from the right wing and the ultra zealous religious.

It’s all a lie. Children are not being coerced into changing sex nor is there an agenda to programme anyone to change gender. Nor are there straight men declaring themselves as trans in order invade women’s safe places.

It’s not just America, certainly over in Britain some in the Conservative party along with their lap dogs in the tabloid papers are pushing this lie. Apparently ‘transgender militants’ that’s you and me BTW, are intent on forcing children to transition. That men are queuing up to be declared women so they can win medals in womens’ sport and invade womens’ safe places. Jk Rowling is their hero.

It’s crazy but the problem with the big lie is that if you repeat it often enough. It becomes accepted as a truth.

So yes, so far people are still accepting for the most part. But under the barrage of anti trans propaganda that might change.

So we have to be wary and worried. Particularly when even trans people begin to believe it’s true.

But the real danger for us is that we will no longer be allowed to transition. No hormones, no surgery, no help. We will be written out of existence. Even those of who have fully transitioned will be classified by their birth gender.

It’s not just us of course. We see in Florida and elsewhere, attempts to downplay racism, reduce women’s rights. It’s only the start.

The rise of right wing extremism is dangerous to everyone. We’re just the first to be demonised and rounded up. We won’t be the last.

History tells us that

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