Reply To: Question for y’all.


Sophie makes à valid point, nobody should be forced into an identity or life they don’t want.

but most of what I read suggests children are asking for gender help, b they don’t wisk away the 5 year old n cut it off, they take then yo therapy b doctor to figure this out. maybe they predcribe hormone blockers, which are completely reversed simply by stopping taking them, n that holds off puberty of the non desire gender. had I done that I would not need laser etc. shrugs . as they should not be forced  the choice should not be precluded either, nor should therapy or even being allowed to say transgender not violate free speech…but apparently it now does,  thanks to the haters.

carly dear, I’ve been lucky n not faced bully or mocking other than the constant political barrage of hate laws designed at éradication of us…and family

so here’s my Query girls

.my sibling says he needs to protect his wife n family from me n us..from what? it’s not contagious. it’s all over the news so he can’t keep them from hearing words lgbt..what do they need protected from? no I’ve never been charged with any crimes n I regularly attend church n tell God thank you n I’m sorry for my transgressions


hugs to all

missy jo

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