Reply To: protection from what?


Eveline, I am so sorry for you n that family. sorry they’ve hurt à sweet woman who is obviously dear to them  b sorry they could not overrule the visiting bigoted dads command. I so wish mom had won that argument with something simple like e she’s dear friend of ours  à good person n the graduate wants her here. so shut up n be polite to my gf. hugs

DeeAnn   sadly I suspect you speak truth that they think they’ll catch something or find out about us if he let’s me near his family. sure hope they don’t watch the news..laughs. I’ve heard my family n others say just dress as a guy fir this, cut your nails n take out your earings n wear long masculine pants with a long sleeve mens shirt so nobody sees your hairless body..outsider think this is that easy…I spoke to another transgender person the other day n when I said I still switch back to M for mom  but it’s getting harder  they rolled their eyes as if they understood the pain in reverting to à physical presentation I’m trying to escape.thank you as always

hugs to all

missy jo

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