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DeeAnn Hopings


Many here have said that they wished that they had figured out things sooner. It isn’t uncommon. But, the real question to ask is if you would have been ready at some earlier point. That’s the big thing. Start and stop, start and stop is not helpful. Once we start, we need to continue. But, in order to continue we must accept that changes are needed and coming. A therapist experienced with gender issues can be very helpful in sorting this out.

We’ve all heard stories about people starting, building a wardrobe, but only to purge. Often this happens more than once. Obviously there is the expense of it, but the thought is Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind. Sadly, that just doesn’t work.

So, I’ll suggest a few things:

  • Do a search for transgender resources in your area. I see that you are relatively close to Reno. As a function of the pandemic, many LGBT centers started doing online support or social groups. In current times some have continued as folks figured out that it is much easier for some people in terms of scheduling and transportation. It is always important to be connected with our peers. It helps to kill the notion that we are alone. It also satisfies the fact that we are social creatures.
  • Please complete your Profile page. It goes a long ways towards helping others understand your situation. While there are similarities between all of us, each story is different.
  • You may search for other members in your area by clicking on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

Anyway, very pleased to have you here and I hope that your journey goes well.

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