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DeeAnn Hopings

There is something that happens that isn’t obvious. Often we think that the only isolated LGBT folks are those who live in small, off the beaten track towns. But, what has become apparent is that folks who live in, or close to, metropolitan areas can also feel significant isolation. It can be a security problem in that they need to insure that they are not outed. Therefore they avoid the community and any contact with people in it. It can also be that their work or living situations don’t allow much free time or disposable income. For whatever reason, people are just not connected to the community even though it is readily accessible.

Anyway, the net effect is the same. People don’t get to feel the camaraderie, the support and sense of shared struggle with their peers. It just isn’t a good situation. As I’ve said, we are social creatures. It is just how we Hu-Mans are…

Something else just occurred to me. Are you out to your therapist? Purely anecdotally and I have no training in this, but I would have to wonder that if we are having difficulty in one area of our lives, it can affect some other areas. Anyway, it might be some information for your therapist that might be useful. But, I would also say that you have to feel comfortable with your therapist in order to discuss this other, quite personal, issue.

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