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it’s sad really

DeeAnn dont forget the Montana Congresswoman, openly trans, opposéd à bill taking away gender affirming care n said to her collègues something like children will die without this care, n their blood is on our hands now. she was basically kicked out of the législature. no right to speak her mind for her position

it’s sad, I recall historical documents, inaliénable rightd n natural law that all men were created equal ..or equal protection of the laws, fredom of speech, tortious interférence with my health insurance contract, freedom of association, séparation of church n state, the us suprême court permitting same sex marriages..just can’t talk about it anymore, outrage from the racial discrimination cases finding à non white person was 3/8 of à person, separate was inherently not equal….yes we have a history of 250 years fighting fir freedoms n libertiés, n now we burn books n Hunt down groups of society like wwii Germany. the haters dont realize, we’re just an easy t 1st target, some other group will be next n then another..oh yeah, that’s why we fought for independence n set up à government of checks n balances..awfully inconvénient, let’s just appoint someone czar, n eliminate the suprême court n nationnalize industry n military forces…better start making  flags of hate too..


so sorry

. I rant. il sorry..maybe remove this post..I’m sorry that they hate us n would rather see us you see it hurts n Angers me. so sorry..shutting up now


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