Reply To: Being older as a transgender/cross dresser?


The fear is real, and justified.  I think that’s why we’re seeing so many of us more mature transexuals and cross dressers coming out.  Our life changes, whatever it is, death, retirement, divorce, children all grown and gone, now allow us to shed those very real concerns.  While I dressed at home I always appeared “normal” in public.  work, business and political associates, friends and associates, even sometimes family, would have all be jeopardized.  We see it still going on to this very day in real life.  It’s changing, but we ain’t there yet.  I think the transexual community just has to come out and denounce these clowns who are giving us a bad image.  CIS women do not go dressing as nuns and performing lewd acts with a crucifix in public, they do not pole dance and commit lewd acts in front of young children, they do not expose and fondle their breasts on the White House lawn.  No they don’t, and neither do real transexuals who are striving to be female.  But that’s not what is being exposed to the public now, and it’s damaging to the rest, the majority of us.  These are not real transexuals, they’re male performers, dressing in overblown drag, living out their twisted fantasies.  If the trans community does not come forward and condemn this behavior, we will all pay with continued negative perceptions by the majority of the people.  The backlash has already started.  When you’re involving young children, it’s no longer funny, and in the long run a civilized society, naturally geared to protecting their children, will react, and not in a friendly accepting manner.  When I go out in public, I surely don’t want to be considered as one of “them” or as someone who condones their behavior.  I want to be considered as Jennifer, a woman, to be treated with the same respect as any other woman, not as a child “groomer”.    I’ve heard it.

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