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Throw rocks at me now, but I think we are not doing a very good job in educating the public of who we are really. I can understand why. We want this and that from our leaders, safety, equality, etc. we waive our flags, and add letters to our acronym to continually add more individuals to our cause every day it seems. People are confused, frustrated with us, fear us as an unknown, see political leaders use us as pawns to advance their careers. It’s a whirlwind of confusion where everyone involved is trying to make a case for their concerns. As a large group of individuals with a common characteristic that underlines who we are as people, we cannot agree on a simple umbrella term that needs to be used to identify who we are. No, instead we insist on categorizing everyone with a label so as not to cause any confusion in identifying who we are. It’s insane. How can we ever get someone not identifying as Transgender, to understand and accept Transgender people. We are not weird, we are accountants, doctors, engineers, nurses, carpenters, electricians, athletes, the list goes on. If we continue to keep ourselves and the rest of society confused with definitions that make us feel included we will never get acceptance. Society has no idea how many crossdresser alone there are, hell, we don’t.
Maybe it’s time we regroup as one piece of society. Maybe we stop cutting up our identities we think suits us to justify our own ideas of who we are, to advance our individual interests for the greater cause for all. Maybe we could just be represented by one word, all of us, crossdresser included. Maybe we can just be a part of society represented by white and blue collar people, athletes, poets, politicians, who just happen to be Transgender, not weird.

If we can figure out and accept who we are, maybe we can teach the others in our society we are not so bad either and we can contribute to society just as well as everyone else.

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