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Welcome Tricia,

You’re smart, and kind, to be patient. Some say there’s no better time than right now to begin transition.

In a way, I disagree. The emotional/educational parts, yes, The electrolysis, yes. But in today’s hateful climate, it’s wise to sit back and wait on the wardrobe and hairstyles, maybe hormones too, as well as name change. I do wish I’d started electrolysis a long time ago. Now. after dozens of treatments, I only go in for touch ups on my face. Nobody is suspicious of a “guy” growing beard and showing up at work or social events one day with it gone. I had problems presenting as female with a 5 o’clock shadow showing at work by 4:00! I wish I had done it asswards instead of the timing I did. I think that should be everyone’s first step, get rid of the unwanted facial hair FIRST! My advice is not to waste money on laser, it isn’t very good. And if the pain is too much, like it was for me, find a dentist who is sympathetic and will numb your face right before you go in for hair zapping. It was a lifesaver for me!

Happy Pride!

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