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thank you dear, a wonderful idea.

I pulled the trigger in frustration earlier n sent siblings letters saying thanks, it’s been nice having siblings, n yes you each baled me out if jams over time so thank you,..but this path I must take I cannot do with you constantly telling me you find me an offensive sinning murderer or rapist the world needs protection from..n i deserve to rot in hell..

..I can’t fight that emotional battle everyday n night n each of your preachy messages makes me want to harm myself..n still you preach. ..

at your suggestion, let’s cut contact. no notes, calls, texts n don’t show up or I’ll call the police.

enjoy your lives.


it seemed right and ss much as I miss feeling a part of something Iof a family i don’t miss fighting those emotional battles for my right to exist on hourly because of their notes “of love”, justified in the name of God (my Catholic  priest was nowhere as condemning or judgmental)


hugs to all

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