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welcome dear. it matters not how you got here,  just that you’re here now. this is home  it is safe n many people wiser than I will offer to share stories  expériences, suggestions, listen n caring words of comfort. so welcome dear.


I had somewhat similar n slightly different. I was not bullied n did not look fem growing up, n with all athletic make siblings..well..I was one too..but I always knew ..even when we played doll with neighbor girl, I knew I was..different. I knew dressing in moms clothes was not entirely..”normal” or expected of young boys. dad constantly told mom I woukd grow up to be a sissy if we were not careful.

I knew something always wanted to be her, whoever the pretty girl was, I wanted her clothes n her body n I craved being taken by lovers after I had teased them..somehow this did not mesh with my understanding of a typical AMAB but I dared not say it was cast as shameful ..

now I almost don’t fr..king care..I deserve to be happy n God doesn’t care if I wear heels or not, ..I’m not a contagious monster..I’m just what? so I’m a girl   so? how’s that so bad?


welcome dear. maybe some if that sounds familiar


missy jo

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