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Short answer….yes I have gone thru a similar transition.  In a nutshell, growing up was all about girls….dating, fantasies, etc.  Not even an inkling of anything different.  It was even more extreme at times recalling one girlfriends roommate had a gay brother who made comments to them privately that they wanted to know if there was any possibility with me.  When I was told about this, I was livid that this was even discussed.

This may be confusing or even contradictory but later in life after being on HRT for months…..desires started changing

Now, I could just date men.  Most thoughts go that direction and my goals have changed to find the right “male” to compliment my “female” side.  By the way…this has not happened.

On HRT, my libido dropped to nothing for any sex to now desiring “opposite ” sex which is getting hard to describe cause my perspective has changed and I now think  of myself as female so “opposite” sex is male to me now.

If you are confused by my rambling sorry because I am trying to text with nails on at a bar that is closing soon.  I have much more to say but I can explain better in person when I have a keyboard.


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