Reply To: ever doubted you were transgender?


Absolutely! Often I’m thinking yes I am fem…and then maybe 30 mins later in thinking …but am I? I could be wrong.

As others have said, you can’t just push away all the years you’ve spent as your birth gender. It’ll pop up again. For me thats over 30 years of male compared to 2 years since Pandora’s box opened and Lucia popped out. And about over 1 year since I realized what was going on.

I don’t have much childhood memories of my fem side. I can only remember one that seems to fit. And when I began to research all this stuff I kept coming across “i knew since I was a kid”, which of course made me doubt it all the more.

i am thinking if it is something else like a way to escape pressure, family, children, responsibilities or a life that does not completely satisfy me.

Yup I had similar thoughts, like could something else have caused it? I know stress can mess your head up but I can trace my fem side back to early 20s when There wasn’t as much stress as these days so that didn’t fit.

I read stories about de-transitioners but i found their reasons for transitioning in the first place weren’t the same as what I’ve experienced, so that also didn’t fit me.

One thing I know for certain… Society hasn’t helped anyone going through this. (And that’s putting it politely lol)

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