Reply To: Dating Mailers

Elli Snow

Hi, Miriya. Regarding the poll, I chose other. I haven’t dated in over 20 years because I finally realized I would never be comfortable playing the gender role I started out with. My previous dating experience were always one time events. Never had a 2nd date with anyone. The few relationships I was in, including my marriage, were all initiated by the woman and none lasted very long. I am very shy when it comes to trying to meet someone I would like to date, but since I’ve been out for a few years now I’m thinking about trying it again now that I am happy and confident with who and what I am. I still find the concept scary, which is saying a lot for someone that is a veteran and 15 year wildland fire fighter and have spent much of my life running toward danger while everyone else is running away.

I love your post about how to mail people. I’m also old school, and love writing letters and receiving them and abhor having to try to have a conversation using cell phone text for more reasons than I want to list here.

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