Reply To: ever doubted you were transgender?

Elli Snow

Hi, Annette. I answered NO to your poll. I dealt with severe depression issues for more than half my life and eventually checked myself into a psych hospital when I was 39. One of the best decisions I ever made. I learned a lot, including I have a couple of genetic issues that contributed to the depression and helped me learn to deal with them, learn triggers that could initiate a depressive episode and how to deal with it. I also learned to like myself and quit beating myself up over real and imagined failings. After a few more years doing a lot of gender and sexuality research on my own, I came to realize that gender dysphoria was a major contributor. It still took me a few years to accept the fact that my brain was wired as female, not male, and I moved into the closet for over a decade. I’ve been out now for a couple years and started HRT 7 months ago. I have never once doubted myself when I accepted myself and moved into that closet and today I am happy now.

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