Reply To: How Would You Describe How You Dress?

Elli Snow

First off, how did you manage to vote twice?  I would have made the same choices.  I’m 70, and I dress much younger than is expected of a woman my age from one point of view, but I think of it like I’m a teen, starting a sort of puberty transition, learning things like makeup. Also, I was a volunteer wildland fire fighter in the Colorado Mountains before I moved to Indiana 2 years ago next month, so I’m in pretty good shape for my age.  I generally wear mid thigh or higher skirts or dresses as my legs are probably my best asset except for the fact that they’re short, so I generally wear 2″ to 3″ block heal shoes or boots, or wedge sandals.  I will occasionally wear knee length dresses or skirts, but the have to have great flare, because I love to dance and I love spinny dresses.   Haven’t started using makeup other than lipstick and nail polish and I can do them quite well.  That would be thanks to my mother, who only wore nail polish and lipstick, so I never had any to experiment with or someone to watch how it’s done.  While I don’t have your hair issues as I never had much, almost none on my chest and the rest is fine, pale blonde so you can’t see it unless you’re really close.  However,  I doubt I’ll ever be seen outside my house in anything cropped.  Five years ago I weighed around 225-230 and now I weigh 138 and unfortunately my belly looks like I’m part Shar Pei.  I was essentially forced to wear pants for almost 60 years, so the only time you’ll ever see me in jeans is if I’m working around the house.  I love jewelry and never leave the house without earrings, but I don’t usually wear anything else, because I spent years working around rotating machinery and the easiest way to lose a finger or a hand is to have a part of a machine grab your ring, watch or bracelet.  While my style may be young, it’s always done with class.  My mother was a buyer and department manager for one of the high end department stores that existed in the ’60s and ’70s and I learned a lot about fashion from her.  My biggest issue right now is I do have thick, noticeable facial hair and because of my pale hair color, I’m not a candidate for laser or IPL hair removal, so I’m going to have to start making 180 mile round trips to the nearest licensed electrolysis technician to get rid of the mustache and beard, and I’m told it will take 8 or 10 sessions.  I’ll make the trip gladly though, because I’ve hated having to shave for over 40 years.  Once I get that done I’ll be ready to learn everything there is to learn about makeup.

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