Reply To: Silicone breast forms: what’s your experience?


I’ve purchased dozens of breast forms, both foam and  silicone.   I’ve not had much luck finding the right ones.  The descriptions are deceiving, as well as the photos.

I purchased a breast plate but I had it half on and couldn’t get it all the way on.  I gained a lot of weight due to Diabetes, there was no way a ‘large’ was going to fit me.  I was once on HRT and I was once a 38-B naturally.   I had a lot of bras which fit nicely with great cleavage.  But the weight increase caused me to buy larger band bras.  The problem with larger band bras is that the cups are larger too.  I now had to find a bra to fit my breasts, not only the large band.  But I never found one considered a B cup size, even though they were labeled as such.  A  b-cup would look more like a large C with larger band size.  They dont actually make an A cup with my larger band needs.  They label them as an A but the cups are always large like a large B size.

About the breast plate, I had it and couldn’t wear it.   Instead, I cut out the breasts from the plate to use them in bras that will accommodate them.   The further problem is the position of the nipple is low, like a sagging breast would do, they do not sit centered in bra cups.  The breasts are quite stiff, they are full of cotton and silicone.

I don’t always want a large protruding chest and still wanted to have the right forms to wear in my casual bras.  I saw a video on YouTube about making your own breast forms out of Play-Doh.  That is what I did,  I used 4- 4ounce cans for each breast instead of 2-4 ounce cans as they suggested.  You form the breast by hand like a small bowl, then insert into a ziplock bag (to keep it soft and malleable), then place the closed bag into a anklet or knee-high stocking and fold the extra nylon over it a few times.  Near perfection.  They look good and they’re weighty like a real breast, actually a bit overweight for their size.  But the appearance in most bras is very convincing.

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