Reply To: I’m a Christian who is Transgender


I am a non-denomination Protestant Christian.   I fell away from formal church halfway into my 14 year marriage.   My ex was very much into church and insisted that if I went to church it would ‘heal’ me from crossdressing.  Instead, while she was at church, I used my privacy to enjoy dressing up.   She cut me off sexually, accusing me of making her feel like a lesbian!  Our marriage died slowly and eventually we divorced.  I never gave up my belief in God, only that I didn’t need others to tell me how to live.  My ex then became a church minister of the denomination she was affixed to.   I wondered about that, she was always too shy to speak in front of people.  I am sure she prays for me still.

Its a shame people use their beliefs to try to dictate how we should live.  All the answers are in the bible, if you don’t try to make the answers to fit your belief.   We’re all sinners, no one is exempt.  Not one sin is worse than another.   We’re all saved by God’s grace and Jesus’ blood.

I also had to distance myself from my large family of siblings.  They consider themselves sinless compared to my life choice.

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