Reply To: Being older as a transgender/cross dresser?


Oh yes, I agree, distance helps.  I live in the southeast, family lives in the northeast, over 600 miles away.  My daughter and her family live in CA, so there are never, ever any surprise visits.  But as you can imagine, since my daughter has been over there on the other side for a few decades, especially the San Diego area nothing like crossdressing surprises her any more, and well, crap, nobody, even her, has ever considered me as “normal” anyway.  I even got a pin button from my coworkers once that says “Not Normal”.  Long ago, it bothered me a little, but never much. But now, thanks to places like this, I can accept myself more, because I can see that Hey, know what, I’m not abnormal anyway. Here we all are, and this is just a tiny tip of the iceberg, going on about our lives just like anyone else, working our jobs, paying our bills, raising our families, contributing to society, why, we’re just like everyone else who calls themselves “normal”.   So I might be a little “strange” to some, my friends don’t care, I’m what I am, and I’m liking myself more and more all the time.  Thanks to places like this.




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