Reply To: Being older as a transgender/cross dresser?


I would venture to guess that most of us feel the same way, and getting together to chat with each other helps.  It’s hard, very hard, to actually get people together these days, but I do have a nice, private type place and occasionally am able to get a few of us together on an afternoon.  We dress, have a little wine and crackers, model our clothes, share hints, help with make up, and talk about our journeys.  It’s actually quite amazing, or startling maybe, that with there being so many of us, we’ve had to travel our journeys alone, in secret, carrying our inner selves like a burden, ashamed, embarrassed, hiding.  I’d also guess that most of us have never had any type of counseling or therapy about it either, I’m not even sure there was anything for this “disorder” way back a half century ago.  Thank goodness for the internet, at least now, out here in the netherworld, we’ve been able to meet and talk.  For most, it’s probably the first time we’ve ever, ever, discussed these feelings we have with anyone, not even our families, closest friends, or wives.  Isn’t that something?




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