Reply To: I’m a Christian who is Transgender


I was brought up a Catholic. So Catholic guilt and all that. An Irish Catholic in Ireland indeed.

But I’m no Christian. There is no God and my sincere and I believe accurate belief is that all religion is nonsense if not dangerous and potentially evil.

However it’s not my place to criticize people’s sincere belief in a deity. If that belief allows you to navigate your life with the hope of salvation after death. Then I envy you. If it makes you happy who am I to rain on your parade.

The biggest problem with religions in general though is intolerance. Whether it be other religions or human nature. Remember religion as opposed to belief in God or spirituality is man made.

All religions are invented by people. God if it exists didn’t specify a particular way of recognising it’s existence. If it did there would be one religion.

So if you believe in God and you are Trans, that’s because God made it so. If you are a member of any man made organised religion that is intolerant of God’s will then they are not Christian.

Same with gay etc.

So my view is that being trans or gay is not incompatible with believing in a deity. Just because some people have a bigoted and intolerant view because of the invented religion they follow doesn’t mean you are in the wrong.

You can be Christian and trans. If your particular religion feels otherwise find one that fits your needs.

But I remain of the view that God is a human invention and you can never really move on as a human being until you accept that reality.

Sorry to be so blunt.

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