Reply To: I’m a Christian who is Transgender

Michelle Lawson

Yes, I do as well, pray for the best help and outcome to help not only you, but all our members deal and cope with this most difficult subject. Our families and loved ones are closest to us, know us best, and that only leads to the struggle we go through mentally and emotionally. I know that helps get all of us through our daily lives. And I commend all of us for seeking out whatever faith based help we can find.

I’d also like to make sure that our discussions stay close to the topic at hand so we may provide the best help to those that most closely need the help the topic provides. That said, please be aware that we have a group just for discussions of faith based issues that directly effect our community; Coexistence ( So, I invite you all to check out that Group, as it contains a lot of great content, and thoughtful discussions. Hugs, Michelle

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