Reply To: Would you like your wife become the man of the house?


No, there is no such thing. I quit working and looked after the children and did the traditional housewife thing. My wife has the well paid job. I loved it of course.

Yes I do maintenance and stuff but who says that’s ‘man of the house stuff. I have sisters who do the same thing as me. Fix ovens and paint or do practical things.

‘Man of the house’ is such a ridiculously old fashioned notion.

I deal with a lot of administration stuff too, tax etc. But that’s because my wife has an intense job.

My younger sister did all child care and the administration for her husband’s architect’s practice until she rebelled and told him to hire someone to do it.

I get furious when I hear ‘man of the house’ crap. This isn’t the 1950s despite the attempt of the conservatives to change history and roll back time. That by the way means eliminating us. No place for us in their fantasy world

Man of the house needs to be relegated to history.

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