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I effectively became a housewife. I didn’t dream of being a housewife. I thought I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I was younger.

But there were or are no fighter pilots in Ireland. I was deluded anyway.

But it came naturally to me. I really felt I’d found my niche in life. I felt so comfortable in the role. More than that my sisters in law frequently used me as a babysitter and I mean babies also older children. I would regularly stay overnight in their houses. Also my own sisters would ask me to babysit.

Stop and think about it for a moment. Would you ask a man to stay overnight in your house with your young daughter or indeed son.

But I suppose instinctively they knew I was safe.

They never say anything although occasionally there’s a comment.

Recently I drank too much wine at a get together with her family. My wife was furious the next day because she said I was giving myself away.

Well I think they worked it out already even if they say nothing.

My wife has six sisters. I have four. They know me. It’s almost unsaid but also three of my four sisters know about me as, if not trans but a CD.

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