Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?


Ah. I’m not sure that those folks are going to do a genitals check before any of their bad deeds.

I do understand about wanting to wear leggings, etc. I’m still pre-op (just set my surgery date this afternoon for Nov 9), but I wear bike shorts to cycle class, leggings out and about (though often with a longer tunic top). Things like that. Right now, with the effects of HRT, I just seem to need panties to tuck.

I don’t do it often, but I have walked from the showers through the women’s locker room in panties and I don’t think there was anything to see. Of course doing that once or twice and you remember to put your bottom clothes in your shower bag EVERY time. 🙂

Regarding hair removal and HRT – when I was first diagnosed with gender dysphoria, that is all I said I wanted at the time. Anything else would be on a wait-and-see basis after those two issues were taken care of. Well, after I got rid of the dark hair with laser, and started getting rid of the rest with traditional electrolysis I found that I had other dysphoria triggers. I just couldn’t hear them over the screaming of my hair back then. Now they are load and clear. I’ve had BA earlier this year, and have GCS set for later this year. I’d like to do FFS, but I can’t find any good providers that are also in-network for me.

As for safety, I count it as a blessing that I live in a very accepting state (MN), and really can’t say I’ve ever felt un-safe. Early on, going to a dive bar alone for the first time, etc, I had my senses on high alert. I found out that I didn’t need to. Actually, at said dive bar I saw a well worn “Love Wins” sticker on the edge of the stage. Most of the up-scale breweries have a Progress Pride flag hung up.  And our light-rail isn’t the best, but I’ve never felt threatened.

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