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Unfortunately you are correct, DeeAnn, these Xto-Fascists are organized and hellbent on eliminating us by whatever means they can, including resorting to violence. Please note that Xto-Fascists do not represent regular law-abiding Christians. They are the antithesis of everything that Christianity stands for IMO. I am using the Xto term as means to differentiate them.

They have corrupted both the legislatures and legal systems of the red states and intend to turn America into a Theocracy where there are two levels of citizenship and anyone who doesn’t conform will be imprisoned. Yes, I know this all sounds very melodramatic but when you consider that their political activities began in the 1980’s and they have successfully overturned RvW by seizing control of the Supreme Court. They have no intention of stopping now, they will keep on pushing and pushing at eroding our constitutional rights. The latest indictments in FL and DC both contain violations of our individual rights.

By transitioning I have stepped away from the relative safety of being a cis white male and have become a minority instead. I suspect this applies to many others in this forum and a great many more nationwide. However we not alone, LBGTQ organizations have been dealing with this fight for decades now and did succeed in legalizing gay marriage before the Supreme Court was corrupted. That gain is also under threat.

We need to join local LBGTQ organizations in our areas and support them as best we can in the current circumstances rather than starting from scratch. This threat is existential for ourselves. The Xto-Fascists cannot be negotiated with and cannot be swayed by rational arguments. We need to ensure that they are removed from the positions of power that they have usurped.

We the People is an inclusive concept and we must be proactive in defending the rights of all of us because we are all that stand between the Xto-Fascists and our democracy.

Kind regards, Rowena 👩‍🦳

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