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Interesting! My theory is that given that there is much more male sexual competition/supply then female competition/supply, so being a woman will make it much easier to receive interest, regardless of which gender you’re trying to attract. And the more convincingly female you are, the more interest you’ll receive. Has been consistent with my experience and many of my trans friends. Easier to get with men AND women, interestingly. However a lot of trans womens bloodwork shows too little progesterone, estrogen & testosterone and too much prolactin…so usually their libido tanks and they’re unable to take advantage of their new opportunities! I keep my progesterone, testosterone and estrogen at the top of the range for a 20 year old, and my libido is way higher than when I was a teenage boy. To the level that if I ever have a stressful day I can convert it into an amazing day simply by initiating passionate sex with someone that I’m attracted to. So the extra opportunities is a welcome boon.

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