Reply To: HRT & Sexuality changes

Liz K

I suppose the “numbers game” is a factor. I’ve seen anecdotal evidence of this myself. Obviously, how we present can influence how much attention we get. Yes, attractive girls tend to get more attention. But how we present is more than skin deep. Some girls give off a vibe….or an energy….that naturally attracts attention. And I think that counters ratio imbalances and compliments appearance.

I can look good with a little effort. And I’m clearly trans to anyone paying attention. I get hit on often by girls and guys. I’m not trying to attract attention. It just happens. There isn’t much to think about other than it makes life more interesting!

I wasn’t aware prolactin influences libido. I’ll have to look for a clinical study on that. My E and P are on the high end, and T on the low end of female ranges. Maybe that explains why my libido didn’t diminish much when I started HRT. I’ve never had my prolactin level checked.


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