Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?


Thank you Evelyn – this is super encouraging to hear!

I’d prefer not to get bottom surgery unless it becomes a must-have for safety. FFS, however, is important for me to save for, given that my existing facial features cause me considerable dysphoria (jawbone, chin, forehead). I don’t expect that my inurance will cover that – even with a transgender clinic at the hospital I work, there are limitations with what they will cover, and I’ll certainly take the money that I’ve saved on unrelated medical expenses over the past several years.

If I can get to the point where panties or shapewear are all I need to tuck, that will be amazing, For now, I’m happy to wear a tunic to not draw attention to my lady parts, but hope that the need will lessen as hormones start to kick in. Not that tunics look bad on any woman, but I’d like to be able to show off my butt and my thighs since they are among my best features.

Like you, I live in a very accepting state with outstanding healthcare (MA), and rarely have any occasion to travel to anywhere less welcoming (NH, NJ, and PA are the closest, and parts of upstate NY are also worth avoiding unless you have friends or family there.) I’m still on high alert when I take public transit or am somewhere that’s not obviously a safe space (such as my closest grocery store), but hopefully that will subside over time.

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