Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?

Dana Munson

Hi, Starlet. I can echo a lot of what Evelyn stated.  When I started transitioning, the “outward” stuff was first priority . . . which is fortunate, because there is literally no place where you can immediately get bottom surgery just for the asking! 🙂  Due to my age (69 then, 70 now), my endo would only prescribe the “E” if I would go with spironolactone for about a year, followed by an orchiectomy. Well, the year is about to lapse and my orchi happens on the 21st. (Yay!) So, I need to go at least that far “down there” just to get the benefits of “E.”  In the meantime, have largely finished electrolysis on the face and neck, and have had a tracheal shave (f****g marvelous, that shave, and SO glad I did it, even though I am $9K out of pocket for it!).  What about the rest “down there”?  Well, I am going part of the way. With “Tom” and “Harry”leaving the trio on the 21st, I will have wait upon medical science’s sense of timing for when “Dick” may also leave this plane of existence. So I will get my surgeon all lined up and wait for the date. I have decided AGAINST a full vaginoplasty. At 70, I am not that interested in romps in bed, and anyway, any romp wouldn’t be with a guy, so why would I need a vagina that needs time to heal AND constant dilation?  Fortunately, there is the vulvoplasty, which removes all male appearances and crafts a clit and “lips,” just as in a vaginoplasty . . . just no vagina. Seems to make the most sense for me, so that’s where I am headed. My goal: to be able to stand naked in front of a mirror and see everything that belongs on a woman . . . and nothing that doesn’t. Meanwhile, the spiro has me so flaccid that I can easily tuck in most normal panties and get a very acceptable “flat front.” At least none of the other ladies in the rest rooms I’ve been in have found anything “amiss” down there.

But this is me. You are you, and must chart the course that suits you best. Good luck!

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