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DeeAnn Hopings


Glad you could join us!

Regardless of whether or not you think you belong, you do.  The thing to remember is that, in part, both sites exist in order to give people the space and the environment where they can sort out who they are, what’s important to them and, if needed, begin to plot a course for the future. But, owing to the focus of the two sites, the questions and responses will vary. Nothing wrong with that. It is just somewhat different in terms of perspective and goals.

So, a few things:

Please complete your Profile page as it is a great source of information other members. It helps us to better understand your situation, environment and goals. You may update your page at any time and it will always be readily available.

Isolation is a major issue in the trans community. It can be difficult to connect with our peers as people are often fearful of upsetting their personal situations. But, the flip side of that is that we are social creatures and value the support and camaraderie of others. We have a number of members in Canada and it might be useful to search the Member Directory to see who is in your area. Click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

And, surprisingly, I have been to Brantford several times, but it has been a while. I worked for, and retired from, Corning Inc. Back in the late 90’s I worked on a project to make complete catalytic converters for small engines to be used in motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s, stationary equipment, etc. Functionally it is the same as catalytic converters used on cars only much smaller. The major difference was that instead of just supplying the ceramic substrate (the core, as it were), we would supply a complete converter ready to be welded into the exhaust system of the vehicle.

There is a company in Brantford: Eagle Precision Technologies. They build tube end forming equipment that is used for expanding, shrinking or reshaping the ends of metal tubing. We bought their machinery to manufacture the small converters and I made a number of visits to their facility. I guess it is a bit of a small world sometimes!

So, I trust that being here will be helpful for your journey!

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