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DeeAnn Hopings

It is a small world! It is also part of the reason that I encourage members to complete their Profile page. Often information comes out like what we have just discussed. It is a reminder that we are often connected in ways that we would not have expected. One of the engineers that we worked with at Eagle was originally from the UK and was a big Formula 1 fan, as am I. We would have some great conversations about who was doing well, who was surprising and who was disappointing based on the previous events. Other things come into play. I’ve met someone her who currently lives in my home town that I left in 1990. My work took me to 9 countries and 2 others for personal trips. There are people here from some of those countries. I’ve met other engineers here as well as others with whom I share personal interests such as mid-century architecture, computer building, etc. It just goes to reinforce the notion the we are everywhere and doing everything.

The thing is that being transgender is only one part of our lives. We are not 2 dimensional beings, although that is how many prefer to see us. It is always very important to be that we be seen as anyone else.

VERY impressed by your work with your local group! That is more important than most people think. People need to know that there are many others like themselves. It creates datapoints: If they can do XYZ, then I can too! That’s a great gift to be able to give to others.

So, Continued Success!

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