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Lauren Mugnaia

Yes, I went. Yes, I cried…a lot. So yes, I should have worn waterproof mascara! Yes, I should have brought more tissues! And YES! I loved it!! So much that I’m going again this Sunday with another girlfriend. Maybe this time I won’t have to try watching it through my tears.

I’m not completely sure, but I believe recently being told that I am an intersex female, and the knowledge that I truly am a woman, had a major effect on my response to seeing the Barbie movie. I was so in touch with all the female characters and it brought back so many memories from my childhood. I have always been feminine! I don’t have a masculine bone in my body! When my sister got Barbies and I got Tonka trucks, I looked at my mom and tried not to cry.

The movie is also a very poignant, but definitely pointed, social commentary. Which is why it has apparently offended many who are all in an uproar, and a certain podcaster going to a store to purchase quite a few Barbie dolls just so he could film himself lighting them on fire!

I love the movie, it will always be dear to my feminine heart, and I can honestly say that it helped affirm and validate me as a woman traveling this new pathway on my journey.

Big hugs ladies,

Ms. Lauren M

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