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DeeAnn Hopings

OK, now that I have told my story regarding what I did and why, it would be great to hear about what other members did, why you did what you did, who you talked to first, how you thought it went and whatever else you would like to share. Coming Out is a really important part of our lives as it plants a stake between who we were and who we are, and no, it is not easy at all but it does get better. It is also an opportunity to explain to those close to us how things really are.

We should be reminded that there is nothing mandatory about having The Conversation with someone. There are many factors that can drive what we do. Some of the ones that come to mind for me can be (but not limited to):

  • Respecting and valuing a relationship and not wanting to lie to someone
  • Preventing people from making wrong assumptions
  • Explaining why you hold certain beliefs
  • Explaining why you support a particular political candidate or measure
  • People enter and exit our lives all of the time. Depending upon our relationship with them, are they important enough to us to have The Conversation?
  • Would it make you feel better to unburden yourself?

A given set of circumstances may indicate that we should come out to someone, but it may not feel that way with someone else. That’s where the conscious thought come in. Each situation must be considered on its own merits. That’s why I would never suggest to someone to did what I did. The circumstances for others are likely very different.

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