Reply To: Do you want to be a girl?


I’m not sure the question should read as “want”, but rather, “need” to be a girl. I think lots of trans would like to transition, simply to find out what it is like, but the truth is, in my opinion;, those who do transition do so because they need to, not want to. It all sounds so fantasy like, sort of like the world will become a perfect place after transitioning. The reality of it all is much more complicated. There is the reality of workplace issues, wage issues, inequality issues, acts of violence, the list goes on. Transitioning is not for the faint of heart. It requires serious attention and support before and after. I am out, but will not transition at my age, simply because I don’t hate myself enough to do it. I can handle who I am and am not willing to go through the necessary steps to achieve the goal. I’ve been doing this so long I have come to accept who I am and know I can express the true me without transitioning fully. Maybe the struggle has made me tired, not sure, but I’m happy enough as is.

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