Reply To: Fragility of hope.

Michelle Lawson

Hallie, I could quote the old, ‘that which does not kill us, only makes us stronger’, but you’ve probably heard that 10000 times already. And I am always reminded of the old axiom about failing is actually a success because it just shows you the things that it wasn’t. And the tried and true, ‘practice makes perfect’. But you get the drift, millions and millions before you have experienced some degree, or maybe worse, of what you are going through. We have to keep those reminders in our head, realize that you can’t go from point A to B, without stopping at points A1, A2, A3……. A+n….. If you try, while you may succeed initially, later on, you just may find that one of those missed points was very important. These are all things, that we all, constantly remind ourselves of, in some form or fashion, each and every day of our lives. And I suspect, deep down, you do as well. Hugs, and please smell the flowers along the way….

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