Reply To: Fragility of hope.


Thank you, yes I keep those things in my head a long with the oldie “Always Forward”  which was my point, giving up is not an option. Are there days (sometimes weeks) where giving up feels like a great idea? Of cores who hasn’t felt like that from time to time.

Really that is what I was trying to say along with getting out all the emotions no matter how bad it gets no matter how much I feel like it won’t work out, that little ember of hope is still there even if it give off no heat and it’s light is a speck, it is still there and embers with care can grow, they can become blinding fires. Late at night when you feel all alone, hated, and just so sick of everything and everyone that little ember is there to keep you going, and it will always be there you just may have to uncover it from the ashes, of your past attempt, but it is still there for you.

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